Please bear with me over the next few days as I try and get the weather pages functioning correctly on this new site, it will be worth it (HONEST)

Over the next few pages you will find the current weather conditions from my weather station, which is sited in the back garden of my house in Sale, Greater Manchester. The pages also contain detailed records of the weather here in Sale since late 2004.

The weather station I use is a cabled Vantage Pro. It has been running successfully since December 2004 (yes it was a Christmas present!) The weather data and web cam feed are updated hourly on the hour.

I have had a fascination with the weather since being a child, and the interest never really left me as I ‘grew up’. So when I had the chance to choose my Xmas present I  requested money from all the family and ended up buying the Vantage Pro. A little while later (January 2005) I finally found the time to set up a web site to share all the data the station produced with anyone who may have been interested. Some of you may have visited it @ This was a very basic site and my long term aim was to improve it to include my other interest ‘aviation’……….. And this is where I am up to at the moment.

I hope to expand the amount of weather data available to you over the next few months by adding some more sensors to the station such as soil and leaf moisture detection, also I intend to have a ‘live’ page where you will be able to see a flow of live weather data from the station.

Anyhow I hope you get some enjoyment from my attempts at producing a weather site and that you find the information useful or maybe just interesting.

If you have any comments on what you would like to see here or on how you think I could improve the site please let me know, there is a contact me link on the left hand side of this page.